The Chain Writing Game V6.0 Ep:12

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Comics

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It’s time for another fabulous issue of Kerrie Ann Salsac’s Chain Writing Game! The game where many authors add 100 words at a time in sequence to build a story. This week, no one including Jadir, has ever ventured beyond the wall. After a bout of drinking and dare, Jadir gains the liquid courage to travel into the unknown. What will happen? Will he survive? What is out there? It’s all of us to find out as the story unfolds. Join us!

Episode 12

She led him through a tunnel of thick vines until they entered a cave. “The animals can’t find us here,” she said. “I am Eliya of the Adjani people.”

Jadir was captivated by her lavender-colored eyes. “Uh, Jadir.”

“You are of the people in the stone.”

“Uh yeah, I guess.”

“Adjani people have rescued those who leave the stone before.”

“They survived?”

“Yes, but it is…

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