Safety Not Guaranteed – trailer, full film link and invitation for real Time Travellers to pop in and say Hi

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Comics

A quirky time travel story. Not bad, really.

Time Travellers United

I am going to start posting some links to films as well as documentaries that I think travellers to this blog might enjoy – time travellers AND those doing the slower walk! So the first film I am posting is Safety Not Guaranteed. It seemed appropriate after my recent encounter with an actual Time traveller (see the recent post and comments on “Alien Agendas???”)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the trailer and without further ado I shall post the link from Put Locker for the full film. And if there are any other genuine Time Travellers who want to pop in and give us a little more info about “Time Travellers’ Agendas” I would really love to hear from you. Perhaps you can help us understand what is or isn’t going on in the world of Time Travellers.

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