Ginger Tales

Posted: September 27, 2017 in Comics, indiecomics
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New page for Terminal Velocity #4. Read ’em in order at SmackJeeves or, buy Print Versions at IndyPlanet



  1. James H Corbett says:

    Long time –to say hi — but never knew that our family made up 2% of the population! !!!! Or at least used to! ! With the Corbett side combining with my wife’s side (Lorraine Nolan) our kids didn’t stand a chance. Of the six, one girl was born a brunette. Of course, now a days the hairdresser gets placed quite high on the priority list, and the coloring mfg’s are showing a pretty good profit.

    Hope all is well with you and your family. I am still hobbling along, but all is very slowly improving. I leave next week for my annual visit to my daughter’s in California, returning the end of October for one of my granddaughter’s wedding on Saturday, November 4th.

    Say hello to everyone for me. I have not been over the Cummings way lately, maybe the Doctors are as sick of seeing me as I am of seeing them. Take care, and I will make sure that I turn on the memory cards in November to get the lunch I have always talked about and never seemed to have squeezed it in.

  2. Hi Jim. I’m sure the redheaded percentage in Boston is much higher than most of the country. I see plenty of them around here and even more when I travel north to NH and Maine. Glad to hear that your foot is improving. I hope you’re past the worst of it. Our family is all doing well. I hope yours are , too. I will be here at Cummings for two more years, so be sure to call me when you come by!

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